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Preparing for 2007 Engines

March, 2006: Some diesel engine and truck manufacturers have begun programs to train their technicians and distributors to work on 2007-model engines, according to an industry magazine in February 2006.

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations reduce allowed levels of nitrogen oxides and soot emmissions for new engines, starting in January 2007. The diesel fuel limits the sulfur content in on-highway diesel fuel to 15 ppm (wt), down from 500 ppm, according to the EPA.

Manufacturers have said they will fine-tune their emmission-control-systems and add paarticulate filters for the first time to truck exhaust systems to meet EPA requirements, which means technicians and distributors need new training in servicing these models.

ULSD Regulations Challenge industry

Engine makers report they are subsidizing the cost of ultra-low-sulfur diesel to customers testing thier 2007 engines because the fuel is so scarce and costs much more than regular diesel fuel, according to industry reports.

Moving to ULSD has challenged the entire trucking industry, and is among top concerns as EPA regulations loom for the model-year 2007 and beyond.

Truck and engine manufacturers need to design technology that meets the regulations for ULSD, while petroleum companies and refineries need to provide the infrastructure and build up the supply to make ULSD readily available.

Industry executives report ULSD and even more stringent EPA regulations that will be phased in by 2010 are among the industry's greatest challenges, with some questioning whether the whole industry can prepare for the changes in time. EPA, however, issued an announcement in 2005 that the industry is on track to implement the changes.

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