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AMSOIL SG Series Synthetic Extreme Pressure Gear Oils

Product Codes: SGK, SGL, SGM, SGN, SGO, SGP

A MSOIL SG Series Extreme Pressure Gear Oils are made from shear stable, high quality synthetic base oils and are fortified with additives that deliver high performance in industrial gear applications. These oils are designed to reduce maintenance costs by extending drain intervals, and protecting against wear, pitting and rust.

AMSOIL SG Series Synthetic Extreme Pressure Gear Oils

Base Stock Technology
AMSOIL's SG Oils are compatible with mineral gear oils, synthetic gear oils*, and sealsŚmaking them easy to use. They preserve new seals, prevent leaks, and help rejuvenate old, brittle seals.

AMSOIL SG synthetic base stocks are inherently resistant to oxidation, helping provide long life. The naturally high viscosity indices, low pour points, and lack of paraffins (wax) make these lubricants ideal for use in wide operating temperature ranges. At low operating temperatures equipment starts easier, is not starved of lubrication from channeling and product solidification, and the need for sump heaters is reduced. At higher operating temperatures, AMSOIL SG base oils resist the degradative effects of oxidation that cause poor lubricant performance, and they maintain an optimal lubricating film between parts.

The base oils utilized are also hydrolytically stable and they readily separate from water. This prevents unwanted oil/water emulsions that have poor lubricating properties and it eases water removal from the sump.

Additive Performance 
AMSOIL SG Oils are fully formulated with sulphur/phosphorous extreme pressure additives, antioxidants, rust inhibitors, and anti-foam agents. The SG Oil's thermally stable, extreme-pressure additive system forms a hard, iron-sulfide coating on metal components. This iron-sulfide coating prevents metal to metal contact under boundary lubrication conditions, reduces friction and protects components against shock loading and wear. The anti-oxidants increase the oxidation resistance of the synthetic base oils for long, clean lubricant performance. These oils protect against rust from water or process contaminants and prevent foaming, ensuring proper lubrication.

Performance Features

  • Extreme pressure protection

  • Additized to prevent rust, oxidation and foam

  • Compatible with seals and other lubricants

  • Extended drain intervals and all season performance

  • Hydrolytically stable & readily separates from water

Applications & Requirements

  • U.S. Steel 224

  • AGMA 250.04

  • AGMA 9005-D-94

  • DIN 51517 Part 3

  • David Brown ET 33/80, 51, 53 and 101

  • Cincinnati Milicron P-35, P-59, P-63, P-74, P-76, P-77 and P-78

Application Recommendation
AMSOIL Synthetic SG Series Extreme Pressure Gear Oils are recommended for industrial applications operating under heavy loads and shock conditions and specifying an extreme pressure lubricant. This includes, but is not limited to, enclosed industrial spur, bevel, herringbone, helical and worm gear**, chain drives, sprockets and most metal-on-metal systems requiring extreme pressure additives. These lubricants are excellent for use in severe operating conditions and their synthetic properties make them good all-season lubricants.

The SG Series Gear Oils meet the AGMA ratings for synthetic gear oils and EP gear oils and are recommended for use in applications specifying these standards. Although AMSOIL SG Series Oils are compatible with mineral oil based lubricants, for optimum performance it is recommended that the system be thoroughly drained and, if warranted, cleaned.

The ability of AMSOIL SG Series Gear Oils to extend drain intervals is subject to operating conditions and maintenance practices. Monitoring by oil analysis is recommended.

Test Results: AMSOIL SGO 460 vs. Mobilgear SHC 460.

* AMSOIL SG Series Gear Oils, as well as other synthetic or mineral based oils, are not compatible with poly glycol-type gear oils. Thorough flushing prior to changeover is required.

** AMSOIL SG Series Gear Oils are not recommended for use in worm gear or yellow metal containing applications operating at or above 200F (93C). Also not recommended for use in other applications operating at or above 250F (171C). For such applications, please consult your AMSOIL Dealer or AMSOIL Inc.

AMSOIL SG Gear Oils are not recommended for automotive hypoid gear applications.

Technical Properties Chart

SG Series Synthetic Extreme Pressure Gear Oils
  • SGK05-EA (ISO 100), 5-gal pail
  • SGK55-EA (ISO 100), 55-gal drum
  • SGK27-EA (ISO 100), 275-gal tote
  • SGL05-EA (ISO 150), 5-gal pail
  • SGL55-EA (ISO 150), 55-gal drum
  • SGL27-EA (ISO 150), 275-gal tote
  • SGM05-EA (ISO 220), 5-gal pail
  • SGM55-EA (ISO 220), 55-gal drum
  • SGM27-EA (ISO 220), 275-gal tote
  • SGN05-EA (ISO 320), 5-gal pail
  • SGN55-EA (ISO 320), 55-gal drum
  • SGN27-EA (ISO 320), 275-gal tote
  • SGO05-EA (ISO 460), 5-gal pail
  • SGO55_EA (ISO 460), 55-gal drum
  • SGO27-EA (ISO 460), 275-gal tote
  • SGP05-EA (ISO 680), 5-gal pail
  • SGP55-EA (ISO 680), 55-gal drum
  • SGP27-EA (ISO 680), 275-gal tote

275-gal totes availiable on special order. Contact me at: Bulk-Pricing, or contact AMSOIL Industrial Division at 715-392-7101. In any correspondence with the company, please refer to ordering number 522955.

For 275-gallon totes, please allow two to four weeks for delivery.

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  • Fax me at: 270-522-0512

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Customer Ordering Number: 522955

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