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More AMSOIL Testimonials

A Bobby Unser AMSOIL Experience:

I was running the Pikes Peak Hill Climb (in 1976) in a car equipped with a very special rear end that gave me an edge over the other guys. The rear end was fitted with some 1 948 Ford parts which you just couldn't buy anymore. They were getting harder and harder to find, and here I was, destroying some of them in one practice day!

Well, I knew that had to stop soon, or I'd have to use a different rear end and probably lose my competitive edge. I called a friend who has a good engineering background and I told him I was looking for a gear lube with the best extreme pressure characteristics possible. His immediate answer was AMSOIL.

I called the company in Superior, WI and they put me in touch with a local dealer. Between working with the dealer and Al Amatuzio (CEO of AMSOIL), I learned some amazing things about AMSOIL.

I receive products from all over the world for testing and evaluation, but when I put AMSOIL in the rear end, I had never seen anything like it! I went from totally destroying the rear end in one day, to using the one through 3 days of practice, a day of qualifications, a day of racing and it was still good! Where I used to go through one rear end a day, now I used the same one the whole season and it was still like new! I was amazed then, and I still am now.

Bone Dry Engine - No Damage in Alaska:

Before moving to Alaska, Tom Murphy converted his engine, transmission, rear-end and wheel bearings to AMSOIL lubricants. While driving the 22 miles from Eielson Air Force Base to Fairbanks his main crankshaft seal failed.

"I didn't discover the problem until I shut the engine off in Fairbanks," said Murphy. "The oil pump had done its job, leaving my engine bone dry. Amazingly the engine still ran fine, and when I brought the car to the shop, my mechanic couldn't find any damage. My purchase of AMSOIL products saved me well over $2,000 in repairs."

"Thought the Engine Was Probably Shot:"


I purchased a 1981 half-ton Ford truck with a 351 engine in August 1994. This truck was used for heavy ranch work for about three years. Having previously been sold on synthetic oil, I purchased AMSOIL from Reg Perras and put it in this truck in 1996.

In April 1997 I put a load of stock feed weighing one ton in the truck. It was to be delivered from Camrose to a ranch 12 miles from my home, approximately 40 miles in all. I was not aware that my radiator had sprung a. leak. About 10 miles from the ranch I realized the engine was severely overheated to the point that the engine was pinging. I shut it off thinking the engine was probably shot. After 30 minutes to cool it down I started it up again with no water or antifreeze and drove the rest of the way to the ranch. After allowing the engine to cool completely and believing it was finished I filled it with water and drove home. It took about four gallons so it had to have been dry.

To my surprise it seemed the engine had suffered no damage and the AMSOIL synthetic motor oil still looked clear and not bubbled. I am still driving the same truck. The engine sounds good and it uses basically no oil.

I have to attribute this engine miracle to the use of AMSOIL and will continue to use this product in our vehicles with confidence.

George Striker Alberta, Canada

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