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Attention: Quick-Lube and Mobile Lube Operators

AMSOIL Quick Lube/Mobil Lube Products Build Repeat Customers

We can show you how to increase your business with the AMSOIL 7,500 Mile, 6 Month Oil Change Program.

AMSOIL XL Extended Life Synthetic Motor Oil  (5W-20, 5W-30, 10W-30, 10W-40)

  • Many of your customers want the convenience of extended drain intervals and the protection only AMSOIL can provide, and are willing to pay for it.
  • With AMSOIL XL Extended Life, extended drain intervals become a profitable opportunity not an obstacle.
  • Earn the same money on two oil changes that you usually make on five.
The reason XL Extended Life is so popular with lube centers and mobile lubes? Because it's a synthetic that sells to the people who normally would not buy a synthetic, and your AMSOIL customers will be the most loyal customers in your shop or on your route.

Get a jump on the competition.
Add AMSOIL to your current product line.

Fax or email us for a free informational package, or fill in the form below – See how you can make more money.

Fax: 270-522-0512
E-mail: QuickLube@AllSyntheticsGroup.com

Read an interview with a Quick-Lube Operator who is earning more with the XL Extended Life oil change program.

See the results of a 2-year survey of quick-lube synthetic oil purchases.

See how AMSOIL sales boosted the bottom-line of this Texas quick-lube operator.

Why AMSOIL synthetics are best for your lube business.


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Quick Lube/Mobile Lube Acct. Information - The Quick Lube/Mobile Lube Business Program

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NOTE: To qualify for this program you must be a legitimate oil change shop, mechanics service shop, or mobile lube service, not a home-based business.

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