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Study: Quick-Lubes Make More Money with Synthetic Motor Oils

ESULTS OF A TWO-YEAR SURVEY of quick-lubes reveals that quick-lube operators need not worry about losing money to extended drain intervals when they sell synthetic lubricants to their customers. The study's results recently were reported in Lube Report, written by Tim Sullivan of Lubes 'N Greases magazine.

The study found that while motorists who use synthetic oils change their oil less often than those who don't, they're also willing to spend top dollar for quality synthetic motor oils.

AMSOIL XL Extended Life Synthetic Motor OIls are especially formulated for longer drain intervals and maintain their wear protection qualities throughout the life of an extended drain.

Industry analysts report that customer service ranks top among reasons why a customer visits a specific quick-lube. Customers want quick access to a quick-lube near their homes. They also want to be able to purchase other items for their vehicles at the same place, and they're willing to spend more money on those other products and servicess.

Analysis of nearly 1 million transactions with more than 400,000 customers between 2001 and the first quarter of 2003 came from information gathered from quick-lubes, many that carry more than one brand of synthetic motor oil. Most were independently owned centers.

Since customer satisfaction is one of the best ways to attract repeat customers, quick-lube operators gain an edge in a tight, highly competitive market by selling superior quality AMSOIL Synthetic Motor Oils.

AMSOIL XL Extended Life Motor Oils are formulated to provide the best possible protection for 7500 miles or six months - and still increase profits for quick lubes. When customers see the difference in starting ability at high and low temperatures, increased fuel efficiency, and lack of engine wear throughout the life of the drain interval, they'll return for AMSOIL motor oils time after time.

The survey refuted two myths about customers who use synthetic oils: that they tend not to purchase additional products or services when having their oil changed; and that they tend to spend less on such products and services than customers who use conventional motor oils.

The survey found that 56 percent of customers who chose synthetic oils also purchased other products or services, and they spend nearly twice as much on those items.

AMSOIL offers a full line of other superior products that complement the quality synthetic oils, and that last longer and work more efficiently than those of competitors.

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