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"Hawaiian Punch" Monster Truck

"We have a $15,000 Motor to Protect. That's
Why We Use AMSOIL."
Hawaiian Punch Monster truck owner Brian Cardiff

W HEN it comes to this monster truck's 5-ton military axles, 2 1/2-ton transfer cases and a 540 cu. in. supercharged engine, Brian Cardiff will rely on only one brand of lubricants and filters -- AMSOIL!

"I have too much invested in this baby to use just any oil. I need the protection and performance that only a synthetic oil delivers. That's why I use AMSOIL. It's the best there is!

"We use the AMSOIL synthetic motor oils, greases, gear lube, by-pass oil filter and LT air filter on both the Punch and our hauler, and I've never seen better results.

"For me, it's AMSOIL all the way."

4-Wheel Performance
4-Wheel Performance
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