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AMSOIL PowerSports 2-Stage Foam Air Filters for Dirt Bikes and ATVs

AMSOIL PowerSports Air Filters for dirtbikes and ATVs extend equipment life, increase power and save money. PowerSports Air Filters feature two layers of oil-wetted polyurethane foam that provide a superior job at stopping dirt while maximizing air flow. Their special design improves performance, allows for better fuel economy and reduces wear.

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AMSOIL PowerSports Air Filters save money. They are washable and reusable for hours of trouble-free service. In addition, PowerSports Air Filters have greater life expectancy than competitive air filters.

AMSOIL Reusable Foam Air Filters

PowerSports Air Filter Application Guide

AMSOIL PowerSports 2-Stage Air Filters provide superior performance in all three critical areas of filtration:
Efficiency (dirt-stopping), Capacity (dirt-holding) and Resistance (air flow).

AMSOIL PowerSports 2-Stage Air Filters are uniquely designed to hold wear-causing dirt while allowing only clean air for better performance, better fuel economy, lower exhaust emissions and longer engine life. Also, AMSOIL PowerSports 2-Stage Air Filters are washable and reusable for numerous hours of trouble-free service.

AMSOIL PowerSports 2-Stage Air Filters are especially designed for PowerSports such as ATV’s and Dirt Bikes. The filters feature two distinct layers of oil-wetted polyurethane foam, which provides a network of interlocking cells that trap particles primarily on the surface, yet allow a constant flow of clean intake air for outstanding engine protection and performance.

AMSOIL PowerSports 2-Stage Air Filters are constructed of polyurethane foam and the 2-stage foam’s thickness allows for even more filtering area and capacity to trap dirt over a longer period of time.

The AMSOIL PowerSports 2 Stage Air Filter is constructed with the highest quality foam filter media available. This filter, when used in combination with AMSOIL Foam Filter Oil (AFO), will maximize engine performance and provide the most effective filtration available for your engine.

NOTE: OIL BEFORE USE! AMSOIL PowerSports 2 Stage Air Filters are packaged dry. Proper filter oiling before use is necessary to prevent dirt from entering the air intake system. AMSOIL recommends using AMSOIL Foam Filter Oil (AFO). AFO is properly designed with high quality tacking agents that stick to dirt. AMSOIL Foam Filter Oil (AFO) is available in 8 oz. bottles and 11 oz. spray cans, and can be purchased through your AMSOIL Dealer.

Follow the instructions below to properly prepare your filter for use.

Your local conditions and intended use will determine how often your air filter should be inspected and cleaned. Frequent cleaning and oiling is necessary for best performance and protection against engine wear.

Filter cleaning:

1) Carefully remove the air filter being cautious not to knock any dust or dirt into the carburetor opening. Clean any dirt from the opening with a clean shop towel.

2) Clean filter in a solution of warm water and mild detergent. Do not use strong solvents, gasoline, or other fuels to clean the filter.

3) After washing, thoroughly rinse the filter with clean water and allow it to air dry. Note: Do not use high-pressure shop air or heat to dry the filter. After the filter is completely dry it can be re-oiled for further use.

Applying High Tack Foam Filter Oil

1) For best performance, apply a generous amount of High Tack Foam Filter Oil and work it into the foam media. Squeeze out excess oil, leaving a uniformly oiled filter.

2) A properly oiled filter will feel oily or tacky to the touch on both the outer and inner surfaces, but should not be dripping oil.

3) When reinstalling the air filter, apply a thin film of AMSOIL Multi-Purpose Grease on the foam base to insure a leak free seal between the filter and housing.

PowerSports Air Filter Application Guide

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