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AMSOIL Filters for Marine Applications

AMSOIL Ea Filters Protect the Hard Working Engines of All Sizes of Boats

AMSOIL Ea By-Pass Filters (EaBP) are high efficiency by-pass filters that also remove soot. AMSOIL EaBP Filters have an efficiency of 98.7 percent at two microns and remove 39 percent of soot contaminants less than one micron. At normal operating RPMs the EaBP Filter will filter all of the oil in a typical five quart sump in less than 10 minutes.

The superior construction of AMSOIL EaBP Filters provides better sealing and increased longevity. To increase corrosion resistance, the AMSOIL EaBP Filters have a marine powder coated exterior with zinc-dichromate treated base plates. EaBP Filters have a nitrile HNBR gasket and an orange silicone anti-drain valve. The media is comprised of a two stage pleated and layered cellulose/full-synthetic composite.

By-pass filtration is a valuable commodity for anyone that wants to extend drain intervals and prolong engine life. It is also beneficial to engines that are exposed to high levels of contaminants on a regular basis.

AMSOIL Ea Oil Filters (EaO) offer superior filtering efficiency and life to that offered by conventional full-flow oil filters. Ea Oil Filters feature advanced fullsynthetic nanofiber technology, making them the highest efficiency filters available. The smaller fibers in synthetic media also have a controlled size and shape. This results in greater efficiency and capacity than cellulose filters, as well as better durability. AMSOIl Ea Oil Filters provide a higher level of engine protection, as well as extended filter change intervals. Extensive testing shows that AMSOIL Ea Oil Filters achieve a near-perfect absolute efficiency rating. The exclusive new technology used in AMSOIL EaO Filters provides filtering efficiency to 98.7 percent at 15 microns. Higher filtering efficiency leads to longer engine life.

Marine Dual Remote Filtration System (BMK-18) pairs an AMSOIL Full Flow EaO Oil Filter with an AMSOIL EaBP By-Pass Filter, providing the superior soot and small-particle capture of by-pass filtration and top-quality full-flow filtration on a single mounting manifold. It is the only system of this kind designed specifically for marine applications.

The Marine Dual Remote Filtration System increases the volume of oil in engine circulation, especially when the largest possible filters are installed in the system. Increased oil capacity increases oil life, helps optimize engine operating temperatures and enhances engine life. The BMK-18 by-pass filter has the ability to remove small engine-harming particles and soot from the lubrication system.

The Marine Dual Remote Filtration System is designed to be used in harsh marine environments. The hose fittings are coated with a 3 ml layer of Alumiplate™ and 1 ml of zinc and yellow chromate. This Alumiplate™ coating is 10 times more corrosion resistant than standard zinc and yellow chromate plated fittings. Further, the fasteners and mounting bracket are stainless steel and the hoses are U.S. Coast Guard approved.

With the use of AMSOIL Motor Oils, the Marine Dual Remote Oil Filtration System and a regular program of used oil analysis and filter changes, oil changes may be much less frequent in inboard marine engines.

Complete Filter Coverage
AMSOIL distributes Donaldson® Endurance™ Heavy Duty oil filters with nano fiber technology, offering a complete line of filters for all engine, drivetrain and other marine, equipment and automotive applications.

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