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AMSOIL Recommended Oils for All Harley-Davidson Motorcycles

ARLEY-DAVIDSON HAS MANUFACTURED 9 types of engines from 1929 to the current model. Flathead (1929-1974), Knucklehead (1936-1947), Panhead (1948-1965), Shovelhead (1966-1984), Evolution (Blockhead) 1340 (1984-1999), Big Twins 1450 (2000 to present), Revolution (V-Rods)(2001 to present), Ironhead Sportsters (1957-1985), and Evolution Sportsters (1986 to present).

Harley-Davidson recommends SAE 50 or 60 for the engine oil in their Flathead, Knucklehead, Panhead, and Shovelhead. AMSOIL recommends AHR SAE 60 or MCV 20W-50 engine oil for all these older models. Use AMSOIL TGR or TGO for the transmissions. Of these models, only the Shovelhead has a chain case that is lubed, which is fed by engine oil.

In the Evolution 1340, Big Twins 1450, and V-Rods AMSOIL recommends MCV 20W-50 engine oil in all three holes (engine, transmission,and primary chain case). AMSOIL recommends TGR as an alternative oil for the transmission and TGO as an option for older transmissions. New seals are recommended where excessive leaking exists.

Ironhead and Evolution Sportsters use one sump for both transmission and chain case. AMSOIL recommends MCV 20W-50 for this common sump.

AMSOIL Cross Reference
Harley-Davidson Part # AMSOIL Product
99816-60 HD Engine Oil AHR SAE 60 Engine Oil
MCV 20W-50 Engine Oil
99892-84 Transmission Lube TGR 75W-90 Gear Lube
TGO 75W-140 Gear Lube
99824-03 Screamin' Eagle Syn 3 MCV 20W-50 Engine Oil
99887-84 Primary Lube MCV 20W-50 Engine Oil
99896-88 Sport-Trans Fluid MCV 20W-50 Engine Oil
99880-73 Type B Fork Oil STM #10 Suspension Fluid
99884-80 Type E Fork Oil STM #10 Suspension Fluid

- AMSOIL Technical Service Bulletin DT-2004-06-02

Harley Oils Quick Reference Chart

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