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AMSOIL Bottle Hand Pump

AMSOIL Bottle Hand Pump

Designed for AMSOIL Quarts, Gallons, and

HE NEW AMSOIL BOTTLE HAND PUMP was designed to make it easier to dispense lubes in awkward, hard to install applications. Specifically designed to fit AMSOIL quart, gallon and Twin Pack bottles, the AMSOIL Hand Pump guarantees efficient, quick dispensing of AMSOIL gear oils, transmission fluids and any oil that may need to be pumped. A larger pump and thicker hose make it possible for the AMSOIL Hand Pump to pump one ounce of fluid per stroke versus the 1/4 ounce per stroke of standard pumps. This four-fold improvement in pump efficiency saves you time and hassle.

The AMSOIL Hand Pump's versatility also makes it well suited to many automotive and marine applications, including fluid fills in differentials, transmissions, transaxles, boat lower units and boat sterndrives.
Bottle Hand Pump with Hose Retainer Clip

With the AMSOIL Hand Pump you no longer need to transfer your fluid to another bottle in order to dispense it, saving time and eliminating the possibility of contaminating your fluid.

The AMSOIL Hand Pump kit includes all necessary hardware such as the hose, hose clamps, a cone applicator for boat lower unit fills, 3 pick-up tubes (one for each AMSOIL bottle size) and a hose retainer clip to eliminate hose dangling and oil messes.

The AMSOIL Hand Pump's easy and efficient pumping action makes dispensing AMSOIL products an effortless task for both automotive and marine applications.

High quality and high efficiency make the new AMSOIL Hand Pump a nice compliment to the entire AMSOIL product line.

AMSOIL Bottle Hand Pump In Use

AMSOIL Bottle Hand Pump

  • G2039, (1) Bottle Hand Pump

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