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AMSOIL Super-Duty Motorcycle and ATV Oil Filters

AMSOIL Super-Duty Motorcycle and ATV Oil Filters
  • Traps Dirt Throughout Media Thickness
  • Up to 100% More Capacity
  • Up to 20% More Efficiency
  • Built for Rugged Performance
  • Heavy-Duty Steel Case Withstands Extreme Conditions
  • Assures Oil Flow with Relief Valve
  • Prevents Oil Drainage During Engine Shutdown

O IL IS THE LIFE-BLOOD of your motorcycle engine. Your oil filtration system keeps that life blood flowing and your ride on the road. To take that filtration system to a new level, AMSOIL has developed a full line of oil filters specifically designed for motorcycles and ATV's.

SuperDuty Motorcycle Oil Filters reflect the newest technological advances in the quest to meet the unique demands of today's high -stress motorcycle and ATV engines.

The three main functions of any oil filter are flow, life, and efficiency.

  • Flow is the filter's ability to let the correct volume of oil reach its intended parts, with a minimum degree of restriction.
  • Life is the filter's capacity to remain in service for a predictable amount of time.
  • Efficiency is the filter's ability to remove contaminants that cause engine wear.

While each of these functions is vital individually, there's more to consider. It's more than flow, more than life, more than efficiency. Typically, oil filters are comprised of cellulose, synthetic fibers, or glass fibers, or a combination of these media. Each of these fibers has a different set of characteristics, and each provides a different level of filtration of the damaging dirt and particles that shorten engine life.

Since an oil filter, like the proverbial chain, is only as strong as its weakest link, AMSOIL has found through extensive testing that the best product for motorcycles, and automobiles, is a blend of these media - cellulose, synthetic, and glass. This approach provides the best total performance. The prudent consumer will consider the total package, and AMSOIL SuperDuty Motorcycle Oil Filters provide the optimum balance of that "total package."

AMSOIL SuperDuty Motorcycle Oil Filters are available in black finish, with several models also available in chrome. The chrome models carry a "C" designation. These filters feature a heavy-duty drawn steel case. The case is double-crimped at the base with rolled-under seaming to withstand extreme pressure surges and road shock.

Filter Change Recommendations:

  • When used with conventional oil, change at manufacturer's recommended interval.
  • When used with AMSOIL Motor Oil, change at twice the manufacturer's recommended interval, or 6 months, whichever comes first.

To Find the Correct AMSOIL Filter for Your Motorcycle, ATV,or Other PowerSports Application, Go to the OnLine Store HERE. Use the Search Box at the Top Right of the Page, or Click On "PowerSports Look-Up" on the Right Navigation Bar.
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NOTE: New AMSOIL Motorcycle Oil Filter SMF-136 is now available for purchase. It fits 2003 Harley-Davidson V-Rod models, and is included in motorcycle filter price group 5.

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