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AMSOIL Commercial and Industrial Accounts

Enjoy Cost Savings and Improved Performance with AMSOIL Lubricants and Filters

F YOU ARE A FARMER, OPERATE A TRUCKING COMPANY, a taxi service, a florist delivery service, run manufacturing plant, or any business that uses delivery, service, over-the-road, or industrial or construction equipment, then you owe it to yourself to check out the many advantages of using AMSOIL products.

What You Get with AMSOIL:

  1. Quality: a full line of synthetic lubricants and ultra-fine filters whose performance and durability is second to none. AMSOIL quality means increased reliability, more economical operation, and less maintenance and downtime. Using AMSOIL saves time, aggravation, and MONEY.

  2. Service: conscientious and dedicated attention to detail from AMSOIL and your servicing AMSOIL Dealer.

    Your independent AMSOIL dealer uses AMSOIL products himself, so he knows the benefits and is eager to show you how you can profit using AMSOIL.

    AMSOIL INC has a toll-free number so customers can order AMSOIL products directly, and offers a convenient credit plan for commercial accounts. The knowledgeable and experienced staff of the AMSOIL Technical Services Department is always ready to answer your lubrication and filtration questions.

  3. Expertise: the know-how that comes from three decades of experience tailoring AMSOIL products to meet customers needs.

    AMSOIL INC manufactured the first synthetic motor oil in the world to pass the American Petroleum Institute (API) service qualification tests. AMSOIL is "The First in Synthetics". The leadership of AMSOIL in developing state-of-the-art synthetic lubrication and filtration solutions provides the consumer with a choice found nowhere else - the best lubrication that science has to offer.

In addition, as a commercial account, you get special discount pricing available only to commercial users (Actually, a better price than Dealers get).

If you're looking for ways to add PROFIT to your business by cutting your operating costs, come to AMSOIL!

Industrial Users Cut Costs and Extend Equipment Life

Get your Commercial Account Information Package with all the materials needed to set yourself up as a commercial user of AMSOIL products. Fill in this Request Form, email me at Commercial Information, or fax me at 270-522-0512, with a name, address, and type of business. I will make sure you get the package promptly by Priority Mail.

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