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AMSOIL By-Pass Oil Filter Systems

  • Absolute Protection from Engine Dirt
  • Assurance of Analytically Clean Oil
  • Nanofiber Filters Also Remove Soot

Ea Nonofiber Technology By-Pass Filters

UNLIKE A FULL-FLOW FILTER, the AMSOIL By-Pass Filter is situated outside the main line of oil circulation; it taps into the line to bleed off and clean only a portion of the oil at a time. The AMSOIL By-Pass Filter retains the oil longer and does a more thorough job of removing contaminants without obstructing flow. You still need a full-flow filter, of course, because oil must circulate continuously. But with an AMSOIL By-Pass Filter drawing 10% of your system's capacity, all the oil in a six-quart system will be filtered to analytical purity in about 5 minutes, at an average engine speed equivalent to 45 mph.

The differences between AMSOIL By-Pass Filters and others are the unique design of the filtering media and the patented construction of the filter element. Our high-capacity filtration medium is a special blend of virgin wood and cotton fibers, formed into discs and compressed. The center tube is all-steel, perforated for oil flow, and wrapped in a fine mesh cotton screen. All dirt particles down to one-tenth of a micron in size are trapped, and the medium's thirsty cellulose fibers can remove up to a pint of water. Channeling is eliminated with the inclusion of a hydraulic follower plate activated by a sophisticated internal pressure system.

Information on AMSOIL's new Ea Nonofiber Technology By-Pass Filters.

The Best Just Got Better

New Bypass Mounting HardwareThe question to ask about the new AMSOIL By-Pass Oil Filtration Systems is not, "What's new?" It's "What's NOT new?" Bypass Filter BaseThe filter element is not new, AMSOIL filter elements are, and always have been, the best available. Everything else is bigger, beefier, and better than ever. The new by-pass systems are the product of computer technology and heavy dealer input. And they've been subjected to millions of miles of field testing in passenger cars and heavy duty equipment.

Hardware Changes

Mount: The high-pressure diecast aluminum mount has been replaced by an anodized mount machined from solid aluminum billet, using computer-aided machining. The new mount offers:

  • Quieter
  • Greater strength
  • Corrosion inhibition
  • Engraved AMSOIL name
  • New porting for improved flow leek appearance
  • Aircraft quality thread tolerances for leakage inhibition, durability, strong connection

Attaching points: The original bolts and washers have been replaced by large diameter bolts for greater strength and large diameter fender washers, which spread the load over more surface area and provide a more positive attachment to the application.

Hose: The new hose features three times the reinforcement of the hose it replaces and an abrasion resistant cover. The new hose offers:

  • Greater strength
  • Double the burst pressure
  • Greater cut and abrasion resistance

Hose fittings: Hose clamps have been replaced by reusable swivel hose end fittings with JIC taper. The new hose fittings offer outstanding security. The pressure required to separate the hose from its fitting is greater than the hose burst pressure. The new fittings also have four times the hose contact surface of the old fittings. Swivel fittings eliminate hose twisting during installation for reduced hose stress JIC taper increases positive lock for greater leakage resistance and strength.

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