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Practical Winter Starting and Protection Advice

Two things to ensure your car is ready to go when
you are:

  1. Learn the right way to start a reluctant engine.
  2. Know how to protect against winter freeze-ups.

Fuel-Injected Systems:

Fuel injected cars do not require pressing the accelerator. The electronic fuel pump does that automatically. If you do it inadvertently, there may be no problem, but try not repeat the mistake again.

For clean injectors, I recommend P.I. Performance Improver and Injector Cleaner -- an excellent AMSOIL gasoline additive product.

Carbureted Systems:

  1. Press once on the accelerator pedal to draw gas into the carburetor.
  2. Turn off the car ignition and wait at least 1 minute.
  3. Hold the gas pedal to the floor and crank the engine for no more than 10 seconds (this can flood some engines, so I'd take this advice).

Repeat this procedure no more than three times. Do not pump the accelerator. If the car doesn't respond, there may be battery or mechanical trouble.

For a clean carb, also use AMSOIL P.I..

NOTE: Regardless of your car's system, the smell of gas means that the engine is flooded. Consult your Owner's Manual for recommended procedures.

Starting Steps For All Cars:

  • Turn off all accessories (heater, lights, wipers and radio).
  • Don't "gun", "rev" or punch the gas pedal. Take it easy until the car warms up. Hard acceleration can damage a cold engine.
  • Never warm up a car in a garage, closed or otherwise. Carbon dioxide exhaust fumes are fatal to occupants of the car, garage or attached structures. These fumes can find their way into your home through the garage door, although it will likely be closed.

Other Cold-Weather Suggestions:

  • Add gasoline anti-freeze to the fuel tank and keep it at least half-filled. The fluid will protect against fuel-line freeze-up in cold weather.

    I recommend using AMSOIL's P.I. or Gasoline Stabilizer for gasoline engines, and AMSOIL Diesel Fuel Additive Concentrate (heavy-duty diesel engines), or AMSOIL Diesel Fuel Modifier (light duty diesel engines).

  • Keep an equal mixture of antifreeze and water in the car's cooling system.

    Here I suggest AMSOIL's Propylene Glycol Biodegradable Coolant / Anti-Freeze. It is not toxic or lethal to animals or fish when ingested, unlike the common, yet toxic and lethal, ethylene glycol.

  • Park in a garage, if possible. If not in a garage, park with the rear of the car facing the wind, if possible, helping to protect the engine from the extreme effects of wind chill.

Putting AMSOIL 100% Synthetic Motor Oil in your engine and AMSOIL Synthetic Automatic Transmission Fluid in your transmission will help solve extreme cold temperature starting problems. If you are in an extremely cold climate, you might consider the new AMS-Oiler™ Oil Pre-charger. Browse this web site for more information on products, and how to request a free catalog, information on the wholesale buying plan, or the opportunity to sell AMSOIL products.

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