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AMSOIL ATF Gets Truck Home

EALER JIM QUINN OF WENTZVILLE, MO. and his AMSOIL partner Elmer Bibb discovered AMSOIL Synthetic Universal Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATF) can keep a transmission working even under high-heat, high-stress conditions.

Bibb uses a 1995 Ford E350 with a 7.3L diesel engine to haul antique and exotic cars all over the country in a 48-foot goose neck trailer.

Bibb bought the truck from an acquaintance in 2008 when it had only 15,000 miles on it. He installed AMSOIL 15W-40 Heavy-Duty Diesel and Marine Motor Oil when he bought the truck.

The two men had been using AMSOIL products regularly for a long time when they decided last year to start an AMSOIL Dealership. They work the business together and sometimes haul cars together.

"Elmer was getting such good performance from the engine oil that he decided when he got 100,000 miles on the truck to change the transmission oil to Synthetic Universal Automatic Transmission Fluid and rear end grease to Severe Gear 75W-90," Quinn said. "It was a precaution because we were hauling a lot of weight."

This is where the story gets interesting, Quinn said.

"While out on a run in Wisconsin, Elmer noticed going into high gear he was getting a little transmission slippage," Quinn said.

The "check engine" light came on. "After running it for several hours and trying to keep it from slipping, Elmer stopped and got under the truck,” Quinn said. “He found the transmission was so hot he couldn’t get within 12 inches of it because of the extreme heat."

Bibb checked the AMSOIL ATF and found it was still red and had no burnt smell. Bibb called Quinn, who told him to try and get it home. "After he made all his pickups and deliveries in Wisconsin, Michigan and Indiana, he nursed it back with a 6,600-pound car inside to his home port in St. Louis, Mo.

"After seeing the outside of the transmission with the paint burned off of it and the blue heat markings on the torque converter, we are convinced no other transmission fluid would have held up to such extreme conditions. Both Elmer and I will attest to the remarkable qualities of the AMSOIL ATF fluid."

They have since installed a new extreme duty transmission to replace the original stock transmission and installed AMSOIL ATF.

"Now there are 200,000 miles on the truck,” Quinn said. “I recommend AMSOIL to anyone who wants a reliable, performance-proven product for their vehicle."

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