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Four Important Trends That Will Impact Tomorrow's Car Market

The Trend Toward Performance The Trend Toward Performance

Drastic changes in engine design, with their smaller, hotter engine compartments, tighter tolerances and emissions standards have placed higher demands on lubricants. At the same time, vehicle manufactures are seeking extended drains, cleaner engines, improved fuel economy, reduced oil consumption and better wear protection. One industry analyst has speculated that over time as increasing numbers of baby boomers enter their peak earning years, 90% of all cars on the road will be high performance vehicles.

The Trend Toward Extended Drain Intervals The Trend Toward Extended Drain Intervals

In recent years, extending oil drain intervals has been an important objective of the worlds leading automakers, hence their insistence on increasingly stringent oil performance specs. According to GM's Mike McMillian, "There is technology available to raise the standard and extend the drain interval without compromising engine durability or removing the performance cushion." European automakers currently recommend 9000-mile/12month service with driving conditions no less severe than our own. A report in Lubes 'n' Greases magazine points out that customers are eager to minimize their vehicle maintenance time, "and changing engine oil is their single biggest remaining maintenance item." For the Big Three automakers, addressing that issue is very important today.

The Trend Toward Synthetic Motor Oils The Trend Toward Synthetic Motor Oils

The modern quest for "more, better, faster" has made an impact on every industry. As a result, high technology synthetic motor oils like AMSOIL have found increasing acceptance in every facet of American industry. A major consciousness shift is occurring as Americans become more selective in their purchasing, focusing more on performance over price. The rapid growth in sales of synthetic lubricants is directly related to its superior performance capabilities.

The Continuing Environmental Trend

The Continuing Environmental Trend

Government regulations and rising consumer awareness will continue to drive the push for environmentally friendly improvements in the industry. Extended oil drain capabilities are already being aggressively pursued in Europe, placing greater demands on oil formulators to improve the quality of their products. AMSOIL offers a model program that lube center operators can embrace which is not only environmentally wise, but economically suited for profit-mindedness as well.

As the pioneer and leader in the synthetic lubricants field and the perfecter of extended drain technology, AMSOIL stands ready and able to lead the industry as these trends develop.

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