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'96 Tacoma Passes 196,000 Miles - Still Going Strong

ommy Hamilton of Hamilton Classic Cars, Chester, VA began using AMSOIL motor oil in 1986. He also sells AMSOIL products to customers at his used car lot.

In 1996 Hamilton bought a new Toyota Tacoma 4x4 with a 2.7L four-cylinder engine. The engine and drive train were changes to AMSOIL lubes at 6,000 miles. He put AMSOIL Series 2000 0W-30 Synthetic Motor Oil in the engine and AMSOIL 75W-90 Gear Lube in the drive train. He has put 196,000 miles on it since that time.

The truck is used in extremely heavy service. In the used car business he's always pulling a car carrier, transporting vehicles to and from the car lot. He frequently tows a 14-foot enclosed trailer taking go-carts and equipment to races.

For recreation, Hamilton has a 19-foot ski boat he also tows frequently. All of this towing, with this 2.7L four-cylinder engine. He said he can maintain more than 70 miles- per-hour when towing with no problem. The engine runs as strong as it did when it was new, and has had no mechanical problems or maintenance except for the four oil changes since changing to AMSOIL Series 2000 0W-30. The only part that has been replaced is the starter.

Hamilton has passed the truck on to his son, Jeff, who plans to run it at least another 196,000 miles.

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