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AMSOIL Testimonial...One Million Miles - Four Oil Changes

This trucker saved at least $15,000 on oil changes because he used AMSOIL. "That could be the difference," he says, "between staying in business or not."

M IDLAND, MICHIGAN -- AMSOIL Dealer and independent owner-operator Norman Stanick used AMSOIL Synthetic SAE 30 in his 1987 Caterpillar 3406 engine since the truck was new (after breaking in the engine with another oil) until he sold it seven years and one million miles later. He performed four oil changes during that period, basing his extended oil drain decisions on the findings of used oil analyses performed at 50,000 mile intervals.

One Million Miles - Four Oil Changes

After 848,000 miles, Stanick pulled the pan to fix a water leak. He decided to take a look at the main and rod bearings. He was there when the mechanic pulled them out. "There was not a shiny spot on any of those bearings. They miked out at new part measurements," said Stanick.

"I saved between $15,000 and $18,000 on oil changes. That could be the difference between staying in business or not."

Cars and Motorcycles:

Stanick and his family use AMSOIL products in their cars and motorcycles, too. "I used AMSOIL in my wife's Old Cutlass Cierra. We put 212,000 miles on it with eight oil changes and sold the car to a guy who's tickled pink with it.

"Now my wife drives a Chevy Lumina with a V6 engine. We switched it to Series 2000 Synthetic OW-30 Motor Oil and picked up three miles a gallon. The engine runs cooler. In fact, that oil completely changed that engine. It impresses me tremendously."

Stanick's son races a Honda 750, in which he uses AMSOIL Series 2000 Synthetic 20W-50 Racing Oil. "The first time he put the oil in, he picked up a tremendous amount of horsepower. He came off the track with a big grin on his face!"

New Truck:

Stanick now owns a truck with a 1994 Detroit Diesel Series 60 425 engine. He uses AMSOIL Synthetic 15W-40 Heavy Duty Diesel and Marine Oil in it. He continues to use oil analysis and changes his oil at 250,000 mile intervals.

"Let me tell you a story. My son and I drive team. We were in California pulling a 43,000 pound load. It was three in the morning and my son was driving. Suddenly, all the dash lights came on.

"We pulled over, shut down the truck and looked under the hood. A filter had come loose and all the oil had been pumped out of the engine. Every drop.

"Now that's a $25,000 engine that we ran without oil! But once we got the filter fixed and put some oil back it, it started right up and has run perfectly ever since. I'm sure AMSOIL saved my engine.

"I have no question I can run this engine two million miles with eight oil changes. People don't believe me. They tell me I'm crazy. I just smile all the way to the bank."

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