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AMSOIL, What the Pros Use

I feel it's important to use a motor oil like AMSOIL, because of its high temperature range, espcially in air-cooled engines. When ambient temperatures increase, so do the equipment operating temperature and oil temperature in air-cooled engines.

"AMSOIL products definitely offer a high degree of equipnment protection, reduced manpower needs and a good dollar savings for the club.

"Listed below is the equipment that we maintain at Ridgeview."

Toro Equipment:
  Groundmaster 72 & 372
  Pro 84
  Parkmaster 7 Gang Mower
  Vacuum Blower
Yamaha Golf Carts
Cushman Trucksters
Case 580B Tractor
Turvac Sandancer
Vermer 44
Ditchwich c-9
Ryan Equipment:
  Sod cutter
Ford Tractors,
Pickups & Dumptrucks

Alfred Davis
Golf Course Superintendent
Ridgview Golf Course

"We have been using AMSOIL 100:1 Synthetic Two-Cycle Oil (Now Saber Professional) since 1986. In addition to the economic benefit of being less expensive to use, we have noticed that there is an increase in performance and less maintenance on our golf carts. I would recommend your products to anyone!"

Bob Schultz, owner
Asheville Golf Course
North Carolina

"I'm a logger by trade, but I also enter about 30 lumberjack competitions a year. By using AMSOIL 100:1 Synthetic Two-Cycle Oil (Now Saber Professional), I have an advantage over my competitors. My saw puts out more power because it is burning a leaner mixture (less oil in the gas). When I was using petroleum oil in my work saws, I would tear them down every 6 to 9 months to clean away the varnish and sludge, and then install new cranksaft bearings, pistons and rings. With AMSOIL, the main crankshaft bearings are usually in such good condition that I clean them up and use them again in the same saw. AMSOIL is the cleanest-burning mixture I have used. We used to have problems with our saws breaking down, but since we switched to AMSOIL 100:1 Two-Cycle Oil, we just don't have any at all."

Bill Cogar, WV

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