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AMSOIL Keeps Racing Bike on the Track

OTOCROSS RACER CHRIS PRICE OF YADKINVILLE, NC competes on a 2005 Honda CR85 at a couple of local tracks. One morning this spring Price's dad installed a new clutch on his bike before racing began.

"The plates will swell when they are new, but I forgot to check the plates for play." said Chris's dad, Mike Price. Mike said he could hear the engine screaming as soon as the 11-year-old racer left the gates. The motor nearly quit altogether and Price fell into last place, but he didn't stop riding.

"I finished the whole seven laps and took second place. The clutches held together but were slipping the whole time," said Chris.

After getting the bike back to the trailer the Prices changed the oil and checked the clutches.

"Everything looked great. My dad said if it weren't for AMSOIL MCF 10W-40 Motorcycle Oil in the transmission, the clutches would have burned out after two laps," said Price.

Price uses AMSOIL Dominator in the engine and an AMSOIL Power Sports Air filter along with the AMSOIL Motorcycle Oil in the transmission.

"The oil never broke down in the severe heat that built up in the clutches, and AMSOIL Dominator is the best that has ever been made," said Mike. "I'm a customer for life."

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