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AMSOIL Extends Engine Life for Pontiac

MSOIL CUSTOMER GENE SANDBERG moved to Smolan, KS about nine years ago and took a job that required an 85-mile one-way commute. "I purchased a used Pontiac Grand Prix with 30,000 miles on it to use for the drive," said Sandberg. "With nine years to retirement, I figured I would go through at least three cars in that time."

Sandberg mentioned to a friend at work that he was constantly having to change oil since he was putting so many miles on his car. His friend suggested switching to AMSOIL and mentioned that his father was a distributor.

"I took his suggestion and started using AMSOIL. The car had about 70,000 miles at that time," said Sandberg.

Sandberg admitted that he doesn't always follow a scheduled maintenance routine as well as he should and usually went at least 30,000 miles before changing oil, sometimes without changing the filter between intervals. Now he buys AMSOIL Series 2000 0W-30 Motor Oil and AMSOIL filters from his dealer.

"I retire in another month and the Grand Prix is still running," says Sandberg.

The car has accumulated 358,000 miles and has needed no engine work. "I just saw a commercial on TV for another brand of synthetic oil wherre the customer was pleased with her 150,000-or-so miles, and I just wanted to let you know I'm over twice as pleased as she was," said Sandberg.

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