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AMSOIL HP Injector Synthetic 2-Cycle Oil Saves Angler's Outboard

Kevin Pischke Displays a Big Pike Caught on Lake Michigan near Washington Island

KEVIN PISCHKE OF GREEN BAY, WI is a career firefighter, fisherman and AMSOIL Dealer. "I started running AMSOIL in my snowmobiles during the mid-90s," Pischke said. "Soon after, you could find AMSOIL products in all my vehicles and toys." He became an AMSOIL Dealer in 2001.

Pischke spends his free time chasing Muskie on Wisconsin's premier waters. His favorite areas to fish are St Germain's / Boulder Junction and his "home-town water," the Bay of Green Bay / Fox River.

"When the water freezes over, I can be found chasing Pike through the ice around Door County," he said. "If that's not enough fishing for you, you can always sit in on my "Beginning Muskie Hunter Seminar" or "Trolling Green Bay - Tools and Tactics."

In October 2008, Pischke ran into a problem that put AMSOIL to the ultimate test.

"While pre-fishing for the Title Town Muskie's Inc Best of the Best International Tournament on the Bay of Green Bay, I encountered a problem that could have caused serious damage to my Mercury outboard," he said. "Trolling near an area of shoreline construction, some debris was pulled into my outboard's cooling system."

The cooling system became blocked, and he was unable to dislodge the debris while on the water. "Without water circulating, I was able to fight a 20-plus mph wind and waves to make the mile-and-a-half trek back to the boat landing," Pischke said. "I never once doubted my AMSOIL HP Injector Oil and my outboard never ran hot."

He trailered the boat and cleaned out the debris. "Further inspection confirmed that there was no damage to the outboard, thanks to the superior protection of AMSOIL," Pischke said. It was a tough weekend of fishing; we finished 14 out out of a 50-boat field."

He uses AMSOIL Signature Series 0W-30 100% Synthetic Motor Oil, Synthetic Universal Automatic Transmission Fluid, Severe Gear® Gear Lube, PI Performance Improver Gasoline Additive and Ea Oil and Air filters in his truck.

His boat runs with AMSOIL HP Injector 2-Cycle Oil, Marine Gear Lube, NGK plugs, Fuel Stabilizer and Water Resistant Grease.

"Whether logging miles on the road headed to the water with my 2004 Silverado, or putting hours on the water in my 2004 Mercury-powered Fisher Hawk boat, I know everything is protected with AMSOIL premium synthetics," Pischke said. "The protection and reliability are unsurpassed by any other. The cost savings and added performance are unmatched."

Pischke logged more than 200 hours trolling last fall. He said one of the biggest benefits of running AMSOIL HP Injector Oil in his outboard is trolling at the right speed with his main outboard without fouling out.

"One season, one set of plugs, zero breakdowns and no need for a kicker motor," Pischke said. "That's the benefit of AMSOIL."

Dealer Kevin Pischke is Always Ready to Chase Muskie on the Waters of Wisconsin
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