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Honda Dealer Gains Edge on Competitors With AMSOIL Products

The AMSOIL Display Rack at Maxim Honda

AXIM HONDA OF ALLEN, TEXAS became a retail outlet account for Direct Jobbers Ron and Sandra Ward about 18 months ago.

“As a premier motorsports facility, we are always looking for premier products that give us an edge over the competition,” said Chris Gunter, Parts and Accessories Manager. “AMSOIL has certainly been that type of product. We have confi dence that the products do what the company says they will do. We have had very good success and top-notch service from our AMSOIL Dealers Ron and Sandra Ward. Thanks AMSOIL for a great product line.”

Maxim Motor Sport/Honda was listed in Cycleworld’s 28th annual edition as one of the top 100 dealers in the U.S. in 2008.

The Wards obtained the account through the AMSOIL Leads Program. “We made contact and registered them,” Sandra said. The Wards keep their accounts through “exceptional customer service,” she said.

Maxim sometimes hosts events where vendors display their product lines. “As a courtesy, we generally set the day aside to provide product information and AMSOIL stickers,” Ward said. “Chris’ favorite rider is Mike LaRocco, so when we attended AMSOIL University 2009 we got Mike LaRocco posters to bring back. Needless to say, that went a long way in going the extra mile.”

Ward has seen customers at the Harley dealership near Maxim Motor Sport walk over and purchase AMSOIL products for their bikes.

“The superior AMSOIL product line is the reason we have done so well in the motorsports community,” Ward said. “Being able to offer a product for each application makes for repeat sales not only in the Retail-on-the-Shelf Program, but also from our home offi ce.”

Gunter said sales of AMSOIL products are picking up as the shop has increased its marketing. One of the most popular products is AMSOIL SAE 20W-50 Synthetic Motorcycle Oil (MCV) for Harley applications. “The AMSOIL products have been a nice addition to our chemical line,” Gunter said.

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