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Radio Host Gives Audiences the AMSOIL Facts

I, FOLKS, LARRY PERRY HERE! Thanks for tuning in to "The Magic Mechanic Show."

He's the most popular radio talk show host in the Orlando, FL area. Every Saturday from 3 - 5 PM (EST) listeners throughout central Florida, and those who get online at wdbo.com, listen live to Perry as he gives automotive advice.

What makes him an expert? He also owns an automotive shop of the same name. "It's the busiest and largest auto service center in central Florida," Perry said. Perry sells and installs AMSOIL products at his shop.

He wasn't an easy convert to synthetic motor oils. In fact, he was a died-in-the-wool believer in petroleum oils and 3,000 mile oil changes early in his career as a mechanic. Like other "old schoolers," he was suspicious of extended oil drains and synthetics in general.

He opened his shop, the "Magic Mechanic" in 1988. That was when he noticed some people selling AMSOIL products and telling their customers about the extended drain opportunities as well as the benefits of synthetic motor oils.

His resonant voice is full of laughter as he recalls his thoughts in those days. "I thought, oh, man, these people need some serious help." He was sure they were leading astray and would cost them their engines. In those days, he said, you expected to change the engine in a vehicle at about 100,000 miles.

Sometime in 1991 or 1992 a man from Wisconsin brought Perry a 1980 Lincoln Town Car, with a 302ci (5.0 liter) engine. It had developed a leaky intake valve. Perry thought he was looking at an engine with around 75,000 miles on it. He took it apart and the engine was clean. His customer told him that the engine actually had 475,000 miles on it and this was the first time it had ever been opened up for any type of service. Perry said he couldn't believe it. The customer showed him receipts for every oil change and service for the car throughout its lifetime.

That was when Perry began to research synthetic motor oils, and AMSOIL in particular. He started carrying AMSOIL lubricants in his shop in 1992.

His expertise as a mechanic, and knowledge of lubrication and the benefits of AMSOIL have made him a trusted and respected expert in Florida. His rich voice gives his audience confidence as he speaks to them as "just a good ol' hillbilly" who uses everyday terms and stories to make his meaning clear and understandable.

The most important information for customers, Perry said, is "exactly how to lubricate their vehicles. Many people don't understand the purpose of lubrication or the way in which it works. They just need to be educated in words they understand about the importance of preventive maintenance and lubrication. I tell them AMSOIL is a mechanic in a can and a fountain of youth for their automobile."

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