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AMSOIL Saves Truck Engine On Long Haul

ROM THE BEGINNING IT WAS A LONG HAUL. Then it got longer when Bobby Milligan made a trip from his home in Pine Grove, PA to Columbus, OH, hauling two horses in a trailer pulled by his used '94 Ford F-150 with 178,000 miles on the engine.

He learned about AMSOIL products from his mechanic and installed AMSOIL Synthetic XL 10W-30 Motor Oil, AMSOIL Synthetic Automatic Transmission Fluid, and AMSOIL Long Life Synthetic 75W-90 Gear Lube when the had about 90,000 miles on the engine. Milligan was driving that truck when he went on a weekend trip with his then-girlfriend Deb. "From my door to hers it's 400 miles," Milligan said. Milligan periodically hauled their horses from Pennsylvania to Ohio.

"The area has three large mountains I had to travel over and through," Milligan said. "Driving the Pennsylvania Turnpike is not a fun experience with that kind of load."

The weekend getaway that February included hauling the horses an additional 150 miles from Deb's home in Ohio and ended with some "exciting events," Milligan said.

Shortly after a stop for gas on their way home, Milligan realized he had poor oil pressure. "Not knowing the area, I pressed on," he said. "After all, I was pulling two horses." Soon he had no oil pressure. He used his cell phone to call his mechanic at home who advised him to get to a garage as soon as possible and not drive any further. Milligan, hwoever, was determined to get the horses home. In Columbus he stopped at a garage where was advised to replace the engine.

"Yeah, right, I'm 400 miles from home and they want me to replace the motor," Milligan said.

He asked for AMSOIL motor oil, but had to put another oil in the truck. He headed home to a "trustworthy" mechanic. There, diagnostics showed the oil pump had failed but there was no engine damage, according to the mechanic."He didn't have any idea how I was able to tow that amount of weight and go the distance I did," Milligan said. "In short, I owe it all to AMSOIL motor oil."

He still uses the truck every day in his job as an assistant fire chief, often getting up in the middle of a cold night and racing to an emergency. "AMSOIL stands up to the abuse," Milligan said. "I will continue to spread the word on how AMSOIL motor oil saved my truck and my horses."

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