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AMSOIL Lowers Temperatures, Extends Engine Life for Legend Cars

HE RAPID EMMISSIONS RACING TEAM features father and son drivers John and Lance Jolly. The Jollys agree that the AMSOIL products they use their vehicles have given them an edge over the competition, as well as reduced maintenance time.

The Jollys race legend cars with minimum weight and engine restrictions. They are required to use the Yamaha 1200cc motorcycle engine, and their car must weigh a minimum of 1,100 pounds without fuel or driver, and 1,300 pounds with fuel and driver.

John has been driving legend cars since 1999. He feels AMSOIL synthetic lubricants have contributed to the superior endurance of his car's engine.

"The high engine heat, due to the limited cooling available from the cross-mounted Yamaha 1200cc air-cooled engine, leads to engine failure, especially on the rear cylinder," said John.

After switching from conventional lubricants to AMSOIL synthetic motor oil John noticed the engine ran smoother, and the temperature was reduced by 15 degrees. He is confident that AMSOIL products are prolonging his engine's life.

Both Jollys use AMSOIL synthetic gear lubes and greases. John uses AMSOIL 20W-50 High Performance Synthetic Motorcycle Oil in his legend car, while Lance runs AMSOIL Series 2000 20W-50 Synthetic Racing Oil in his legend car. The Jollys are evaluating and comparing the two oils to determine which best suits their style of racing.

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