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AMSOIL Quality Adds MPG, Attracts New Dealer

AMSOIL performance convinces user to become a dealer.

ICHAEL KONYK OF GRIMSBY, ONTARIO not only switched to AMSOIL lubes in his vehicles, but his experience with AMSOIL quality products convinced him to become an AMSOIL dealer.

"My son first found out the benefits of using AMSOIL motor oil and encouraged me to try it in my car," Konyk said. Before using AMSOIL he changed the petroleum motor oil in his 1989 Toyota Camry 2 litre automatic every 3000 miles / 5000 km and always performed routine maintenance at factory recommended intervals. Even with that maintenance schedule and the best quality gasoline, he got 34 miles per gallon.

"Then I switched over to AMSOIL 0W-30," he said. "After driving for a while I checked my miles per gallon as usual and I could not believe that I was getting 40 mpg." He chalked it up to calculation mistake, but he was still getting 40 mpg when he filled up the next time. "I was so impressed with the results, I switched the radiator and transmission fluids over to AMSOIL products and decided to become a Dealer," Konyk said.

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