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The Immediate Benefits of Using AMSOIL

HEN AMSOIL DEVELOPED the world's first API rated synthetic motor oil in 1972, new parameters for motor oil performance were established. AMSOIL synthetic oil outperformed conventional petroleum motor oils on all counts. Today, virtually every oil manufacturer has followed AMSOIL's lead and offers synthetic motor oils of their own. What can motorists expect when they switch their vehicles to AMSOIL synthetic oil?

Know the facts!  AMSOIL will save you money.

Immediate Start-up Protection. You will experience immediate startup protection. Sixty percent of all engine wear occurs at startup. AMSOIL synthetic oils use high polarity base stocks and special anti-wear agents that form a thin film that clings to engine parts, preventing metal to metal contact. AMSOIL synthetic oils also lubricate vital engine components by quickly flowing through the engine immediately after startup. Have you ordered a Free Product Catalog?

Higher Engine RPM And More Power. AMSOIL synthetic oil reduces friction more effectively than conventional oils, so engine bearings rotate easier. This saves energy and conserves fuel. When the engine doesn't have to work as hard to move its parts, that power can now be used to drive the vehicle. Many new AMSOIL synthetic oil users report their shift points actually decrease due to the added power their engines experience.

Increased Fuel Efficiency. Since AMSOIL synthetic oils create less friction, they also help reduce fuel consumption, increasing a vehicle's fuel economy significantly. Operating with AMSOIL synthetic oil, the engine doesn't have to work as hard to turn the wheels, so it takes less fuel to run.

Lower Temperatures. AMSOIL synthetic oils can reduce excessive operating temperatures of oil sumps by up to 20 degrees F compared to conventional motor oils. Friction generates heat and since AMSOIL synthetic oils reduce friction, less heat is generated. AMSOIL synthetic oils also carry heat away from the engine more efficiently than conventional oils to further enhance the cooling process.

Easier Starting In Cold Weather. Conventional motor oils contain wax impurities that cause the oil to thicken at low tempertures, which slows the flow of oil through the engine at startup and promotes premature wear. They can thicken to the point where the engine won't even turn over and start. AMSOIL synthetic oil is pure and contains no wax. AMSOIL synthetic oil will pour at 60 degrees below zero. Engines start in cold weather as if it were summer. AMSOIL synthetic oil eliminates the need for block heaters. As users of this fantastic product know, in the winter you turn the key and go, no warmup needed. These are just the immediate benefits from AMSOIL synthetic oil, long term your engine will last much longer, you'll have less time in the shop, and your vehicle will run like new longer. No matter how you look at it, AMSOIL synthetic oil saves you time and money.

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