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Proper Hydraulic System Maintenance

Noria Corporation Offers the Following Tips for Keeping Hydraulic Systems Running at Peak Efficiency
  1. Installing a diffuser in the tank's return line can effectively reduce foaming, thereby reducing oxidation, aeration, and risk of cavitation. A diffuser can also reduce problems such as varnishing,erratic fluid, flow spongy hydraulics, and overheating.
  2. Hydraulic system contaminants can be built into components, caused by external ingression and introduced during assembly, break-in, operation, and maintenance.
  3. When performing a flush on a new hydraulic system, use a light rust and oxidation inhibited lubricant, run the system at the maximum flow-rate, inspect the filters, refill with operating charge, reach normal operating temperature, exercise activators, and drain and flush non-circulating zones.
  4. Baffles in the reservoir give the lubricant adequate time to cool and deaerate, while also allowing water and dirt time to settle. Under normal operation, residence time in the reservoir should be three to five times the pump output. In a highly contaminated system, residence time may be 10 times the gallons-per-minute (GPM) of the pump.
  5. An effective way to test the inside cleanliness of a new hydraulic reservoir is to use a small strip of transparent adhesive tape. Stick the tape on the surface (roof, side wall, or bottom plate) of the reservoir, press it firmly, peel it off, and place it on a clean sheet of white paper. An observer will be able to see any larger particulate contaminants of 50 microns and larger.

AMSOIL Synthetic AW Series Antiwear Hydraulic Oils are recommended for high and low pressure gear, vane and piston stationary and mobile hydraulic systems. Their premium quality synthetic base stocks and additive systems effectively inhibit oxidation, rust, and foam, while dramatically reducing wear and maintenance expenses for extended drain intervals.

AMSOIL Synthetic Biodegradable Hydraulic Oil (TBI) is recommended for gear, vane and piston stationary and mobile hydraulic systems. TBI is a multi-viscosity, SAE 5W-20 oil and provides superior thermal stability, outstanding wear protection, quick foam inhibition, and extended drain intervals.

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