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Hondo, TX Police Department Praises AMSOIL

Hi, my name is Don Berger, Chief of Police, for the Hondo Police Department. We have a total of 12 cars that are driven hard each day. I like to keep them in the best running shape Possible.

On February 13, 2002, AMSOIL Dealer Troy Klump stopped by my office for about twenty minutes to talk about AMSOIL Synthetic Lubricants and how they would benefit our patrol cars and our budget. We do not have our own maintenance shop so we have it done at a local service shop. Troy explained that the patrol cars would start easier, perform better, last longer, get better fuel economy, need fewer repairs and reduce emissions. He also explained that AMSOIL lubricants are built for extended drain intervals, and we can save money on lubricant and maintenance costs by running AMSOIL lubes in the engines, transmissions and rear ends.

We originally ran AMSOIL lubricants in three patrol cars and now, starting in the middle of November, all of the cars will be flushed and filled with AMSOIL products in every application. We have seen great results since we switched to AMSOIL products and we are going to continue using them. Troy asked me if I thought anyone could benefit with AMSOIL and I told him that the more AMSOIL lubricants a person uses and the longer they use them the more benefits they will see. AMSOIL Dealer Troy Klump has been very helpful checking up on the Department to see if we needed any products, and if we do I tell him what we need and he orders it for us quickly.

Thank You,
AMSOIL for your Products

Chief Don Berger
Hondo Police Department
Hondo, Texas

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