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Lawnmower Survives Without Oil

HILE BUYING AND USING AMSOIL products is the best thing you can do for any motor you own, one customer found he not only loves the products, he loves that it helps him to support domestic oil.

"I'm just another happy customer wanting to let you know I'm sold on your products," said Jerry Nightingale of Brookline Station, MO. "I just converted my Suzuki Volusia motorcycle over to AMSOIL 20W-50 Synthetic Motorcycle Oil and I noticed an immediate improvement in how smooth it shifts and the way it idles. I'm going to be totally 'AMSOILed' real soon. My wife agrees that we do not need to support foreign oil interests. Thanks for some awewsome products."

But Jerry's story doesn't end there. Nightingale tells a nightmare story that makes every mechanic cringe, and every equipment owner certain that the engine is ruined.

"In 1998 I bought a Honda self-propelled push mower. I ran fossil oil in it the first year," Nightingale said. Then I decided to run AMSOIL in it and leave it at that. It's been mowing the lawn just fine all of these years."

Last spring he decided to replace the AMSOIL 10W-30 Synthetic Motor Oil. "I drained it, put the plug back in and got sidetracked doing other things that day. My wife loves to mow which leaves me forgetting about the mower. She puts gas in it and away she goes. Her sister lives down the street and uses the mower also," he said.

After awhile, Nightingale remembers the mower. but not before his sister-in-law had mowed with it twice and his wife had mowed three times with no oil in the engine. "I freaked," he said.

He put new AMSOIL motor oil in the mower... "It fired up and ran as it always did," he said in amazement. "Now that's about five hours it ran with no oil, and it didn't lock up. I was impressed. It still runs like nothing ever happened. That's one for the books. Thanks again for an awesome oil. I'm totally convinced that AMSOIL makes the best lubricants on the market today."

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