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Grain Hauler Cuts Costs with AMSOIL

ELLER GRAIN, INC, OF CASTROVILLE, TX buys high quality white and yellow corn from local farmers and trucks it to processing plants across the state of Texas. The company has been in business since the 1960's.

"These trucks put on about 12,000 miles a month," said Burnell Keller, the company's owner.

He was recently advised by an AMSOIL dealer that AMSOIL products could cut his operating and maintenance costs in half, provide better fuel economy, easier starts, and extend his oil drains at least three times longer than he was getting with the Exxon XD3-30 he was currently using and changing every 10,000 miles.

"We were fixing to extend the drain to 15,000 miles," Keller said. "But a sample of the Exxon motor oil analyzed at 10,000 miles came back saying the oil needed to be changed. I said, let's give AMSOIL a whirl."

Keller installed AMSOIL 15W-40 Heavy Duty Diesel and Marine Oil in his Freightliner, with more than 400,000 miles on the engine. The company decided on a routine of oil analysis and filter change at 15,000 mile intervals.

"We did this procedure three times at a 15,00-mile analysis and filter change only," Keller said. "Each time the oil sample report came back saying the oil was good for continued use."

Manger Michael Keller is in charge of making sure the trucks are in top shape when they get on the road.

After the third round of analysis, the oil was changed. The company plans to continue with 15,000-mile analysis and filter changes, and to continue to use the same oil for 50,000 miles.

"That's about five times longer than before," Keller said. "It's very good. Keller Grain is now convinced that AMSOIL is a superior product and that anybody can save money using AMSOIL products."

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