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The Value of Higher Flashpoints in Motor Oil

Flash Point Comparison Graph

F LASH POINT IS DEFINED as the temperature at which an oil gives off vapors that can be ignited with a flame held over the oil. The lower the flash point the greater tendency for the oil to suffer vaporization loss at high temperatures and to burn off on hot cylinder walls and pistons. The flash point can be an indicator of the quality of the base stock used. The higher the flash point the better. 400 F is the minimum to prevent possible high consumption.

Now, looking at the chart, you can see that the flash points of most competitive brand oils fall very close to that 400 degree minimum range. If it were my vehicle, I wouldn't want to drive around knowing that I was pushing the limit of my oil every time I got on the highway. With AMSOIL Synthetic Oils you never have to worry about that. With flash points well above those of competitors and also well above even the most excessive temperature ranges of high performance vehicles, you can be secure in the knowledge that AMSOIL Synthetic Oils won't let you down.

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