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AMSOIL Covers Entire Filtration Spectrum

AMSOIL Markets the Best in Filter Products

T HE INTRODUCTION OF AMSOIL EA air and oil filters has placed AMSOIL at the forefront of the filtration world. The nanofiber technology used in Ea Filters is new to the auto/light truck market, and available only from AMSOIL. These revolutionary new filters were the beginning of a filtration overhaul at AMSOIL. Along with the introduction of Ea Filters, AMSOIL added filtration products from Donaldson and Wix, offering a wider variety of products to cover nearly every filtration application from heavy-duty off-road, to racing and transmissions and much more. Now, AMSOIL has added the EaO-88; the first full synthetic cartridge-style filter.

Ea Motorcycle Air and Oil Filters
AMSOIL INC. revolutionized the filtration industry with its introduction of AMSOIL Ea Air and Ea Oil Filters. For the first time exclusive nanofiber technology – the same technology used in the Abrams M1 tank and other heavy duty applications – was made available for automotive applications. Now, AMSOIL has made this outstanding new technology available for motorcycles.

EaAU Air Induction Filters
Designed to replace stock oil wetted gauze or foam conical filters that were supplied with custom induction systems produced by K&N, Injen, S&B, Green, AIRAID, AFE, TrueFlow and more. AMSOIL Ea Air Induction Filters offer better efficiency, excellent airflow and are cleanable.

EaO-88 Cartridge Filter
EaO-88 is the first cartridge style filter made with full synthetic media. This revolutionary new filter is the replacement filter found on the highly popular Ford 6.0L Diesel pickup, and is now available from AMSOIL

AMSOIL Ea Air Filters
AMSOIL Ea Air Filters are the most efficient filters available to the car/light truck market. Ea Air Filters’ synthetic nanofiber media removes 5 times more dust than traditional cellulose filter media alone and 50 times more dust than wet gauze filter media. AMSOIL Ea Air Filters have a service life of 100,000 miles or four years, whichever comes first.

AMSOIL Ea Air Filters hold up to two and a half times more contaminants than cellulose air filters and allow over twice the air-flow of filters that use cellulose.

AMSOIL Ea Oil Filters
AMSOIL Ea Oil Filters have the best efficiency rating in the industry.
AMSOIL Ea Oil Filters have significantly lower restriction than conventional cellulose media filters. EaO Filters also have a far greater capacity than competing filter lines. When used in conjunction with AMSOIL synthetic motor oils in normal service, EaO Filters are guaranteed to remain effective for 25,000 miles or one year, whichever comes first.

AMSOIL Power Sports Air Filters (PSFA)
AMSOIL Power Sports Air Filters extended dirt bike and ATV life with the most effective air filtration available today. Power Sports Air Filters, featuring two layers of oil wetted polyurethane foam, provide superior efficiency, capacity and air flow.

By-pass Filters
In an effort to continually enhance the AMSOIL product line, new technologies are evaluated to provide the best products for AMSOIL Dealers and customers. Consequently, AMSOIL is now offering new by-pass filters from its revolutionary Ea line of filtration products. AMSOIL EaBP Filters are high efficiency by-pass filters
that also remove soot. AMSOIL EaBP filters are superior to AMSOIL BE
by-pass filters in several key areas.

Donaldson® Filters
Donaldson Endurance™ air and oil filters provide the highest level of filtration efficiency in the industry. Specifically designed for on-road, heavy-duty class 6, 7, and 8 vehicles, Donaldson Endurance air and oil filters feature nanofiber technology. With many applications that differ from, and several that coincide with the Endurance line, Donaldson P-Series filters offer premium filtration at a competitive price. Donaldson P-Series oil filters are constructed with either full synthetic media or synthetic blends for high efficiency. AMSOIL also carries the Donaldson 7.3L PowerStroke™ Diesel Air Induction System. The Air Induction System provides improved air filtration and more horsepower.

WIX Filters
AMSOIL offers WIX filtration products for auto/light truck and racing applications. This includes not only standard air and oil filters, but fuel, transmission, cabin air and filters specially designed for racing as well.

PowerCore® Air Filters
AMSOIL offers premium air filters that utilize PowerCore™ filtration technology for Ford 6.0L Diesel PowerStroke™ and GM H2 Hummer 6.0L Vortec™ applications. The rugged structure of PowerCore™ filters features an innovative, layered, fluted filter media, which allows air to enter an open flute while forcing it out an adjacent flute, allowing only clean air into the engine. Dirty air is effectively filtered and cleaned in only one pass through the media.

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