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AMSOIL P.I. Gains Mileage, Fans at Florida Bike Shop

Lisa Richmond, Owner of Evil Twin Motorcycles

VIL TWIN MOTORCYCLES IN FLORIDA is an AMSOIL retail outlet account registered by Direct Jobbers George and Lea Collins of Winter Park, Fla.

"We have been using AMSOIL synthetic motor oils, Severe Gear Synthetic Gear Lubes and greases for about four or five years," said Lisa Richmond, owner of the motorcycle shop. "We have been satisfied with these products, so when our Dealers George and Lea Collins showed us AMSOIL P.I., we were more than eager to try it."

"When the AMSOIL P.I. arrived, one of our very good customers was getting an AMSOIL service on his motorcycle," Richmond said. "He volunteered to test the new product in his motorcycle." Because the customer was about to travel from Florida to Texas, he was a prime candidate to test AMSOIL P.I. The gasoline in the motorcycle was treated according to directions, and during the course of the 3,800-mile trip, the customer was thrilled to experience a double-digit fuel economy increase. Evil Twin Motorcycles

"Upon returning, we told him he was ready for another treatment because the product lasts approximately 4,000 miles," Richmond said. "He was more than willing to purchase a bottle and loves the product." Richmond has found AMSOIL products outperform other brands.

"We have had a lot of products come through our door claiming to do what AMSOIL products have done. To date, no other products have worked so efficiently. Thank you, AMSOIL, for living up to your name and continually producing products that do exactly what you claim they will do."

Richmond’s mechanic, Bill Beaumont, was instrumental in bringing AMSOIL products to Evil Twin.

“Bill is the driving force behind AMSOIL products being in that shop,” said Lea Collins. “He just loves AMSOIL. Every shop should have a mechanic like Bill.”

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