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Dodge Dually Surpasses 633,000 Miles with AMSOIL Lubes

EALER BRAD WALTHOUR OF SUNBURY, OHIO speaks from experience when he talks about the qualities and benefits of AMSOIL lubes and filters.

Walthour became a Dealer several years ago when the recommendations of an AMSOIL Dealer saved him the cost of an engine rebuild in his 2003 Dodge Ram 3500 dually with the Cummins 5.9L high-output turbo diesel engine and six-speed manual transmission with a 4:10 gear ratio.

"At approximately 200,000 miles I noticed a strong fuel odor and light gray smoke emitting from the tailpipe while idling," Walthour said. "I could smoke out six guys on Harleys at a red light; not exactly a good situation to put yourself in."

After taking the truck to three different shops, spending money on parts and getting recommendations that included an expensive engine rebuild, Walthour’s friend, AMSOIL Dealer Walt Conrad, suggested AMSOIL products.

Conrad, an AMSOIL Dealer of more than 20 years, recommended AMSOIL Diesel Concentrate and Cetane Boost. "He was adamant about this, a genuine believer in AMSOIL products, and his recommendation was certainly a lot less expensive," Walthour said. The dually has the original 35-gallon fuel tank with an additional 80-gallon fuel tank that Walthour installed in the bed behind the cab.

"At 222,000 miles I began using those two products in my truck at every other fuel fill, and I installed AMSOIL 15W-40 Heavy Duty Diesel and Marine Synthetic Motor Oil and an AMSOIL EAO80 Oil Filter," he said. "The smoking began to dissipate and within 10,000 miles, or approximately one month, the smoking at idle was eliminated by about 85 percent. What a relief."

At 325,000 miles his mechanic replaced the fuel pressure relief valve. "Apparently, some leftover fuel in the old valve was not burning off completely. It was going straight out the tailpipe, causing the odor and smoke. Replacing that part eliminated the other 15 percent of the smoke and it hasn’t smoked once since. That was more than 300,000 miles ago."

The truck is the workhorse for his day job delivering new recreational vehicles, campers, autos, boats and horse trailers to dealerships in 48 states. "They range anywhere from 6,000 pounds to 14,500 pounds gross vehicle weight," Walthour said. He often hauls in harsh weather conditions.

"I rely solely on AMSOIL products to protect my investment in a wide range of outside temperatures on various and challenging terrain," Walthour said. He uses AMSOIL Cold Flow Improver during the cold months. "The fuel has never gelled," he said. "The engine and transmission have never been dismantled, rebuilt or replaced." He averages 26 mpg at 55 miles per hour when he’s not towing anything and 11.5 to 14 mpg when towing. He calculates his oil change savings with AMSOIL products to be $300 a year, which doesn’t include the added protection against wear and extreme temperatures.

"I change the oil every four months or 40,000 miles at a cost of $100 instead of every 10,000 miles at a cost of $50," Walthour said. "The AMSOIL Ea Oil Filter is changed every 20,000 miles. Every oil analysis result has had the same notation, 'oil is suitable for continued use.' I’m sure many of my trouble-free miles are because of AMSOIL products."

DODGE WORKHORSE — Dealer Brad Walthour (above) bought this 2003 Dodge truck new and uses it daily to haul heavy loads to 48 states. AMSOIL products save him hundreds of dollars each year, as well as provide added wear protection for his hard-working dually.

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