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New Life for Dodge Ram Pickup

REFERRED CUSTOMER LYLE REINIER of Mesa, AZ has been using AMSOIL products for four years with complete satisfaction. He said that when he started using them in his 2001 Dodge Ram pickup truck they "changed the way it ran."

Now Reinier drives a 2004 Dodge Ram pickup. He uses AMSOIL Synthetic Universal Automatic Transmission Fluid in the transmission, and 80W-140 Long Life Gear Lube. "AMSOIL has given this truck the life it was hiding before," said Reinier.

Reinier said the Ram now pulls stronger and runs smoother than it did before. He made the switch to AMSOIL when the truck hit the 3,000 mile mark. "What comes as a surprise to me is that my Dodge dealer had no problem doing a complete drain and fill with AMSOIL," said Reinier.

Reinier said the dealer removed all the Dodge transmission fluid and refilled the truck with AMSOIL ATF. "Within a mile or two I could feel the transmission was smoother and showed a difference in how it performed," Reinier said.

Reinier also uses AMSOIL in his dirt bikes. He and his wife have been using AMSOIL 0W-40 Formula 4-Stroke since it was introduced. Within the last year, Reinier performed a big bore and valve job on their bikes in search of more power. "The insides of the cases, transmission gears and crankshafts were all like brand new," said Reinier.

Reinier said the cylinder walls of each bike showed some cross hatching from the original bore. He also said the bikes run quieter, smoother and cooler than they did before the switch to AMSOIL. Both bikes have their original clutches and have logged over 4,000 trail miles.

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