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Why Are Diesel Engines So Popular?

AMSOIL Extends the Life of Large Diesel Trucks

IESEL TRUCKS AND PASSENGER CARS are popular for a variety of reasons, but primarily for the way the engine delivers power. Gasoline engines deliver power at higher rpm; anyone who ever burned rubber in a muscle car knows that you rev it up before you pop the clutch. Diesel engines, on the other hand, deliver their power almost at idle. As a result, diesels operate at lower engine rpm and higher torque. Higher gear ratios can be can be used, thereby increasing power, efficiency and fuel economy.

Because diesels generate peak power at lower rpm (2000- 2100 for diesel vs. 4000 rpm for gas engines), they have a much longer service life.

The benefits of diesel engines have made them the most common “workhorse” in trucking, shipping, construction, farming and industry. Their adaptability to automobiles and small trucks has proven successful, and an increasing number of light-duty vehicles are equipped with diesel engines.

Diesel cars and trucks often require fuel additives for improving operation. Become familiar with the various AMSOIL products that clean the fuel system, improve combustion, reduce emissions and black smoke, reduce gelling and help keep fuel stable in storage.

Synthetic oils offer another way to improve diesel performance. Because of their higher film strength, synthetic lubes are better at handling higher temperatures and loads. And in cold climates AMSOIL synthetic diesel oil is a must. In frigid northern climates, conventional lubes cause engine drag that almost cripples the starting capabilities of a diesel. No one appreciates the low pour points of AMSOIL lubricants more than diesel owners.

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