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Dealer Sold On AMSOIL Miracle Wash

OHN TABOROSI BECAME AN AMSOIL DEALER earlier this year and is trying out many AMSOIL products for himself. He uses AMSOIL motor oils in his vehicles and work machines.

One of Taborosi’s favorite AMSOIL products is Miracle Wash. "I’m a skeptic of waterless cleaners,” he said. “I just don’t buy into it." Nonetheless, Taborosi tried Miracle Wash on his most recent "annual" clean-up of his GMC 2500 truck. "It cleaned everything up really well," he said.

Next Taborosi, who lives in the countryside in New York state, tried Miracle Wash on his trac- tor. "It’s the only thing I have found that would remove diesel soot off the plastic," he said. "It takes out everything — soot and grease — and leaves a nice shine. The tractor looked like new."

Taborosi also uses Miracle Wash on his computer and all of his windows, "inside and out," he said. "The windows were never that clean. It’s great on mirrors. It’s just one of those products that does everything."

He said he’s planning to buy Miracle Wash by the case and give it to people as an incentive when they register as his Preferred Customers.

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