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Dealer Enjoys Increased Gasoline Mileage With AMSOIL Motor Oils

Dickerson with his 1993 Chevy Suburban

EALER MIKE DICKERSON OF WARSAW, KY recently discovered for himself that AMSOIL products increase gasoline mileage.

Dickerson is track manager for Bluegrass Motorsports Park in Kentucky and a former sports car racer. "We were in Lincoln, NE for the SCCA Solo Nationals," Dickerson said.

He was driving his 1993 Chevy Suburban, with 366,000 miles — 85,000 on the drivetrain. He gave it a tune-up and installed AMSOIL 5W-30 Synthetic Motor Oil and a WIX 51060 oil filter. The two-wheel drive half-ton truck is powered by a basic 350 engine, and its normal average is 15.5 miles per gallon “on the open road with cruise set between 70 and 75 miles per hour, and not towing," Dickerson said.

The trip to Nebraska and back totalled more than 2,500 miles, and Dickerson kept track of the mileage throughout the trip.

The first tank averaged 17.1 mpg. "I didn’t believe it at first, so I double-checked. The math still worked," Dickerson said. "I figured it was a fluke and the next few tanks would prove this as an anomaly."

However, the next tank was filled after 444 miles of combined interstate and in-town driving and the truck saw 14.8 mpg. "It normally gets around 14 mpg under these conditions," Dickerson said.

The next tank fill-up was with nearly 40 gallons of E85 ethanol fuel. "At 523 miles of 100 percent interstate driving speeds of 70 to 75 mph the gas mileage was 15.8," said Dickerson. "I attributed this to the well known loss of efficiency from ethanol-based fuels and some inconsistent speeds, but it is still much higher than I have ever experienced with this truck.

"The most significant change was the switch to AMSOIL motor oil after years of running petroleum oil. The fuel savings more than make up for the added cost of AMSOIL, and the longer change intervals mean I don’t have to change my oil after a 2,500-mile sojourn like we just made.

"At the current cost of petroleum oils, you will pay for three petroleum oil changes what you pay for one AMSOIL change. In this economy, or any economy, you simply can’t ignore these savings, in addition to the environmental sensibilities of using AMSOIL synthetic lubricants."

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