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College Race Team Wins with AMSOIL

MSOIL Dealer Lyle Antrobus of Fort Collins, CO has been sponsoring the Colorado State University RAM Racing Formula SAE team for many years. Antrobus graduated from CSU and worked with the university for 18 years, so he was eager to help the RAM team.

Each year, new classes of Mechanical Engineering students conceive, design and fabricate a small, formula-style race car. The students use in-house equipment to fabricate the body and many of the parts. Certain items, like the car's Yamaha engine, are purchased off the shelf from local sources.

When the car is complete, the team takes it to competitions across the nation. The CSU team is required to demonstrate their car's capabilities in acceleration, braking, autocross, endurance and other technical applications.

While the team might evolve each year with some members graduating, the one constant is AMSOIL. Antrobus provides the team with AMSOIL motor oil, grease suspension fluid and gear lube, products the team feels has been a big part of their success.

"AMSOIL products have been a key factor in making our program a success," said a spokesman for the team. "Since using their products, we've never has an engine fail. They've provided us with the opportunity and flexibility to experiment with innovative designs, making us a program known for cutting-edge technology and ideas."

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