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AMSOIL Beats Arizona Heat for ATV Race Win

ORY SAPPINGTON, OWNER OF DESERT Toyz ATV and DTZ Racing, recently put AMSOIL Formula 4-Stroke Synthetic Motor Oil to the test in the Arizona desert heat.

Sappington changed out the oils in his highly modified race ATV to AMSOIL AFF prior to a motorcross that ran in the Phoenix, AZ area. The ambient temperature at race time exceeded 100°F. Sappington was in the lead one lap into the race when his engine began to back-fire when he let off the throttle.

"I hadn't done anything to the bike except to change to AMSOIL," Sappington said. He wondered what was happening. He quickly found the cause of the back-firing when the head-pipe fell off. Sappington's team members and friends told him later they thought he better shut the engine down before he damaged it.

However, Sappington made the choice to continue running in first place and rebuild the engine if necessary. The next 7.5 miles he drove full throttle to the finish line for the win.

After the first race, he pitted and re-attached the head pipe and replaced the gasket.

He went on to the second event, again running full throttle. "The bike ran like nothing had ever happened; it stayed cool and strong as if there was never a problem," Sappington said. Further inspection at the shop found no signs of a negative effect from the faulty head pipe.

"At the very least and by all rights, I should have burnt a valve," Sappington said. "Everyone out there knew I was running AMSOIL for the first time and they saw what happened," Sappington continued.

He has declared AMSOIL the Official Oil of Desert Toyz ATV and DTZ Racing.

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