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Lawn Mowers, Mini-Choppers,and Semi-Trucks

ATRICK ASKIN OWNS SERVICO TRUCK LINE out of Winnfield, LA. Servico was started by Askin's father, Glenn, in 1968. While they have run as many as 68 trucks out of their Winnfield terminal, they currently run 15 of their own and 19 leased rigs. "We chose to downsize our operation to focus on quality and service," said Askin. "We have a 'best in the business' mentality."

That best-in-the-business attitude is starting to affect Askin's choice in Motor oils. "We were happy Royal Purple customers when I met AMSOIL Dealer Charles Almond," said Askin.

Askin also builds mini-choppers and races lawn mowers. Almond and Askin were introduced at a race track in east Texas, and Almond asked what kind of motor oil Askin was using. "I explained my concerns about the oils I had been using," said Askin.

He went on to describe a problem called moly separation, and said that the people at the oil company had heard some claims of this separation in NASCAR and NHRA, but said it would not hurt the engine. "I can tell you that I am not NASCAR, and the oil I was using was coming apart, and I was not happy about it," said Askin.

Almons sent Askin some AMSOIL 0W-30 to try in his racing lawn mowers, and Askin hasn't looked back. He now runs AMSOIL products in hsi 3/4 ton company trucks, class 8 trucks, mini-choppers, and racing lawn mowers. Askin recently ordered AMSOIL products for his farm tractors as well, continuing his complete change-over to AMSOIL products.

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