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Truck Driver Saves Big Using AMSOIL Products

Dealer Terry Anderson Jr saved $5,679 the first year he switched to AMSOIL lubes, filters and additives

EALER TERRY ANDERSON JR. of Chesapeake, VA. saves money, time and fuel using AMSOIL products. In fact, he saved $5,679 the first year he switched to AMSOIL lubes, filters and additives.

Anderson, owner of Terry Anderson Jr. Hauling Inc., owns and operates a 2005 Peterbilt dump truck with a Cat C-7 engine. He first installed AMSOIL 15W-40 Synthetic Heavy Duty Diesel and Marine Motor Oil and an Ea Oil Filter in the truck. About a month later, he installed an AMSOIL By-Pass filtration system.

“Initially, I was concerned about the upfront cost of about $400, but I soon found out it was money well spent,” he said.

Used oil analysis at 10,000 and 25,000 miles deemed the oil suitable for continued use, and he continued to run on the same oil

“I changed my full flow filter after the second sample was sent in,” Anderson said. “The money I saved on oil alone in the first 25,000 miles paid for the by-pass filter system.” At one year, and more than 50,000 miles on the same oil, a third oil analysis reported the oil good for continued use. “The savings in the oil changes alone is enough to justify using AMSOIL and the by-pass filter system,” Anderson said. “More surprising was the increased fuel efficiency I saw on a daily basis.”

He typically changes the oil in the Peterbilt four or five times a year at $159 each change. “That is $759 a year,” he said. “I didn’t have to get my hands dirty changing the oil at all for a year thanks to AMSOIL and the by-pass filter system.”

Anderson also realized increased fuel efficiency. “After changing my Peterbilt over to AMSOIL lubricants and filters, I saw an increase in my fuel efficiency of one mile per gallon,” he said. His fuel efficiency increased again when he used AMSOIL Diesel Concentrate and Cetane Boost. “MPG is huge in my world,” Anderson said. “The more miles I can go on one gallon, the more money I put in the bank.

“With diesel fuel prices edging close to $5 a gallon, AMSOIL lubricants, filters and additives have saved my company about $30 a day in improved fuel efficiency.” Savings he realized in the first 15 days with AMSOIL products paid for his initial investment, Anderson said. “The remainder of the year that $30 a day went straight to the bank along with the savings from the extended drain intervals.”

Calculations of Savings Using AMSOIL Products
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