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AMSOIL Brand Known Worldwide

In the global economy, a strong worldwide presence is critical for continued growth. AMSOIL INC. has established several international distributors in a growing list of countries, and continues to develop its expanding international footprint.

The AMSOIL logo is becoming more recognizable in places as far away as China, Greece and Morocco, and it signifies overseas what it does domestically: world-class lubricants providing world-class performance and protection. “The hard work of Dealers responsible for growing the company at home and strengthening its financial position has been instrumental to the expanding presence of AMSOIL abroad,†said Greg Sandbulte, Vice President, International and Technical Business. "For that, Dealers should be very proud."

Unique Business Model
International sales are conducted on a corporate-direct basis by the AMSOIL International Department. In fact, the multi-level (MLM) business model on which the Dealer network is founded is not allowed in many countries. The International Department scrutinizes a variety of factors when determining the countries in which distributing AMSOIL holds the most promise, including automotive trends and economic data. Securing international distributors in each country requires a heavy investment of financial resources and time. To streamline the process, AMSOIL develops contacts steeped in the local language and culture. The International Department is tasked with deciphering the confusing import/export regulations and shipping rules that apply to each country. In this way, shipments of product flow into foreign ports as efficiently as possible. "Ensuring international business operates smoothly requires extensive knowledge of complex international regulatory systems,†said Sandbulte. “Fortunately, our personnel is among the best available."

Increased Minimum Requirements
International distributors must satisfy a list of criteria that ensures their long-term viability. For example, they are subject to annual minimum purchase requirements of two large 20-foot containers of product. This ensures each international distributor is committed to making AMSOIL products a central part of their businesses. “To maximize effectiveness, it’s important to have a handful of large, committed distributors in a given country,†said Sandbulte.

AMSOIl Reputation Growing
Despite the demanding requirements, more and more prospective international distributors are contacting AMSOIL each month, illustrating the quality reputation of AMSOIL synthetic lubricants abroad. "It’s clear businesses and consumers around the world are becoming more familiar with the AMSOIL brand, and they are requesting AMSOIL synthetic lubricants by name," said Sandbulte. The demand for AMSOIL synthetic lubricants overseas will only increase as modern automotive and industrial applications continue requiring the increased performance and protection of synthetics.

Worldwide Sales Provide Benefits at Home
Strong international sales increase brand awareness and the company’s global importance. “The financial gains flow back to the AMSOIL corporate headquarters in Superior, Wis., ultimately benefiting everyone,†said Sandbulte. Increased sales, for example, allow AMSOIL to procure raw materials at a lower price, resulting in the lowest possible pricing for finished products, regardless where they are sold. Enhanced financial strength also allows AMSOIL to continue spending more on advertising and promotions. Equally important, a strong international presence increases the company’s prestige, signifying to North American motorists that AMSOIL truly is a world leader in synthetic lubrication. "The goal of the International Department is to strengthen the AMSOIL brand around the globe," said Sandbulte. "This is a key component of the company's long-range plan to ensure AMSOIL continues growing for years to come."

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