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AMSOIL Flows During the Deep Freeze

ROM MID-DECEMBER through the end of January, an array of arctic blasts descended on the U.S. and caused temperatures and wind chills to plummet to dangerous lows. When the weather gets that frigid, it affects the starting ability of most vehicles; lubricants thicken as temperatures drop.

Robert Benson, a Direct Jobber from West Milford, W. Va., saw firsthand how the extreme cold affected his neighbors and friends. He said, "When the polar vortex hit here in West Virginia with temperatures and wind chill dropping to 20 degrees below zero, most people were left not being able to start cars, trucks or equipment."

But Benson didn't let the cold weather keep him from taking care of more than 60 head of cattle. "The cold was no match for AMSOIL 15W-40 Heavy Duty Diesel and Marine Oil (AME), Diesel Injector Clean (ADF), Diesel Cetane Boost (ACB) and Diesel Cold Flow (ACF )," said Benson, who tends to his cattle and hay fields with a Kioti DK65S. He added, "Some of my neighbors had to wait two days for the weather to warm up to get their equipment started. With over 60 head of cattle that have to be fed every day no matter the weather, AMSOIL products saved the day."

Benson wasted no time telling his neighbors - especially the ones that say, "Oil is oil. Buy it at Wal-Mart." - about the many benefits of AMSOIL products. He reports that his neighbors are starting to warm up to AMSOIL products and says, "After 20 years of using AMSOIL, I know the difference."

"Using AMSOIL is a bonus," he said. Benson has also been using AGGRAND products on his pastures and hayfields for the last 20 years. "This past summer I got two and a half times the initial amount of hay using AGGRAND fertilizer and lime," he said. "The first year I used it, the amount of hay I bailed doubled."

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