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25 Years Without an Oil Change

N OCTOBER 1980, David Berger of Vienna, WV, bought a 1944 Farmall M all-fuel tractor. The tractor was made to start using gasoline, but after the engine is warmed up it could be switched to a cheaper burning fuel such as kerosene. "My fear was that the internal part of the engine on this tractor was full of sludge," said Berger.

Berger drained the oil and added AMSOIL 10W-30 / SAE 30 Heavy Duty Diesel Oil. A year later, he added an AMSOIL Bypass filter hoping it would help clean up the engine. "This tractor was used regularly on my father's part-time farm," said Berger.

They used the tractor to pull logs and stuck vehicles, and eventually attached a six-foot rototiller brush hog and a grader blade. Berger used the cheapest gasoline he could find for the tractor.

"The last couple of years I have been using drip gas and the tractor has presented us with very few maintenance problems," said Berger.

Once when traveling at the tractor's top speed of 22 MPH, a tappit broke off the rocker arm and Berger had to limp the tractor about 12 miles back to the farm. "When I took the valve cover off, I expected to see globs of oil residue," said Berger.

Instead he could see where the AMSOIL was cleaning away the old globs of residue in the engine. Berger said he changes the oil filter once in a while, but never the oil. He also said that he adds a quart of oil every two years.

Berger's Farmall isn't as active as it once was, but it still does plenty of work around the farm.

"The old M has a carryall attached to the hitch and performs odd jobs, but still pulls some logs and stuck vehicles," said Berger. "Another tractor has taken over the mowing duties and has now gone 15 years without an oil change using AMSOIL 10W-30 / SAE 30 Heavy Duty Diesel Oil."

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