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Sled Breaks 18,000 Miles With AMSOIL

ENISE ANDERSON RIDES A 2003 Polaris SuperSport snowmobile she purchased new. She installed AMSOIL INTERCEPTOR in the sled soon after. "I’ve used it ever since," she said.

Anderson, a life-long snowmobile rider, has more than 18,000 miles on the SuperSport. She lives near Duluth, Minn. “I am fortunate enough to have three months off every winter; therefore, I can ride virtually all the time,” she said.

She typically puts more than 3,000 miles on the snowmobile every winter. "I haven’t done any engine repairs on this sled, not even new rings, and it still has good compression," Anderson said. "The only repairs I have done on it are one driveshaft bearing and two track bearings. I attribute the longevity of the engine to using AMSOIL and good gas, and I treat the machine with respect."

Most people assume she has rebuilt the engine or done major work on it. "I tell them that’s actual miles and original equipment," Anderson said. "When they ask what oil I use, I tell them AMSOIL."

Her son raced snocross for six years using only AMSOIL DOMINATOR in his sled.

Anderson is a long-time user of AMSOIL lubes. "I think I started using AMSOIL products around 12 or 13 years ago. One of the reasons I started using AMSOIL was that I could buy one oil and use it in everything," she said. "I use INTERCEPTOR in all my sleds, 4-wheeler, jet-ski, chainsaw and weedeater. It works great for everything."

She bought a new snowmobile last winter and installed INTERCEPTOR. "It has the same engine as my SuperSport and I’m hoping it lasts as long," Anderson said.

"I also use AMSOIL Chaincase Oil in everything. The proof is in the pudding; I’ve had such good success with the product I will continue to use it and encourage others to use it."

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