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AMSOIL "Super Shift" Synthetic Non-Slip Racing Transmission Fluid

AMSOIL SuperShift Synthetic Non-Slip Transmission Fluid

Product Code: ART

A MSOIL SUPERSHIFT SYNTHETIC RACING TRANSMISSION FLUID is specially formulated for automatic transmissions in racing applications and other high-horsepower and high-torque conditions. Offering second-to-none transmission friction performance, SuperShift reduces wear, extends clutch-plate and transmission life, and keeps equipment running longer. It contains no friction modifiers, providing high holding capacity for maximum torque transfer and brake power.

Improve Elapsed Times

With AMSOIL SuperShift Racing Transmission Fluid, transmissions do not slip, allowing racers to shift gears quickly and efficiently, while improving elapsed times.

Superior Wear and Friction Protection

Two of the biggest enemies a racer faces are friction and wear. SuperShift is formulated without viscosity index improvers, providing superior shear stability and maintaining grade throughout service life.

Extreme Temperature Protection

Because SuperShift provides superior protection against heat and wear, transmission temperatures are greatly reduced, minimizing or eliminating burned-out transmissions.

AMSOIL SuperShift Synthetic Racing Transmission Fluid also provides the ultimate in cold weather protection. In low temperatures, it flows readily for dependable start-up and post start-up protection.

AMSOIL SuperShift Synthetic Racing Transmission Fluid is also recommended for wet brakes, clutches, and gears of heavy equipment equipped with automatic transmissions.

AMSOIL SuperShift Synthetic Racing Transmission Fluid provides 2 to 5 times the service life of conventional petroleum fluids if kept free of dirt and moisture.

Note: This fluid will dramatically change the shift feel. It is not the recommended or approved replacement for Dexron, Mercon, or Chrysler ATF+ series fluids.

Technical Specifications


"We've saved thousands of dollars in transmission repairs." - Dave Turpin, Turpin Motor Sports


SuperShift Racing Transmission Fluid
  • ARTQT-EA, quart bottle
  • ARTQT-CA, (12) quart bottles

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