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How AMSOIL Got It's Name

OU MAY WONDER JUST WHERE the name AMSOIL came from. At a recent AMSOIL Direct Jobber conference AMSOIL's CEO related the history of the AMSOIL name.

He called his new oil AMMO'S OIL. "Ammo" was Al's nickname in the Air Force. Shortly after that a few of his marketing friends convinced him to change it to AMZOIL. Soon thereafter, Pennzoil took him to court over the "zoil". During the lengthy and expensive court battle Al changed the name to AMSOIL, just in case he lost. When it was finally over Al Amatuzio had won the lawsuit and the right to call his oil AMZOIL. But, during the course of the court proceedings AMSOIL had already become widely recognized with the "S" instead of the "Z" so he decided to leave it as AMSOIL.

Of course, just when he thought everything was resolved Pennzoil started harassing him again with new legal proceedings. At that point he got his attorney's together and told Pennzoil that if they didn't quit messing with him he was going to put the "Z" back in the AMSOIL name. That ended it and he hasn't heard from Pennzoil since.

Al Amatuzio is an incredible man and if you ever have the opportunity to meet him you will see exactly what I mean. He was inducted into the Lubricants Hall of Fame and is well respected by people in the lubricants industry, even by his competitors. His new oil, introduced to the world in 1972 set all new standards for motor oil quality. AMSOIL synthetic motor oil outperformed conventional motor oil on all counts.

It was clear from the start that this innovative product would play a major role in engine performance and engine life. Today, virtually every other motor oil manufacturer has recognized the superiority of synthetic lubricants and has followed the AMSOIL lead with introductions of synthetic motor oils of their own. They spend millions of dollars advertising their "new" and "revolutionary" products. No one, however, can match AMSOIL's experience and technological know-how. And no one delivers products like AMSOIL. Accept no substitutes - AMSOIL is the "First in Synthetics".

(Article Courtesy AMSOIL Regency Direct Jobber Mike Kaufman)

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